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Fengshui For Home

Fengshui is very vast concept to use in home. Home is the place where one dwells. The energy of the house can be calculated from its surroundings. We attract the energy as per our surroundings.

If there is a large amount of wood element in our house in the form of furniture, Then there seems to be good creativity in the family members. But, there must be instability in the relations between them. The imbalance in the elemental resources causes all kind of problems. After all, fengshui is the proper balance of Five Elements:-
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal

Moreover, this elements can either be positive or of negative altitude. This science is just the balancing the resources.

For Fengshui in home, following factors should be considered:-

  • What is Infront of the Main Door?
  • Which Direction does the main door face?
  • Which is the sitting direction of house?
  • Are the best directions of the bread-winner of the family properly utilised?
This, as well as many more questions' answers should be verified for doing Fengshui of any Home.

General basic points for good Fengshui in your House are:-

  • Drawing room, Pooja room, Study room should be in either North,East or North-East Direction
  • After that, every person shoulf sit facing his/her lucky directions only. Also the directions should we well used for sleeping.
  • For Kitchen, South-east has been considered the best direction. According to science, most of fire element is needed in kitchen. At 9:00 in the morning, the sum seems going from East-SouthEast-Top. At that time there is a great amout of heat and light energy in SouthEast Direction. And Hence, Kitchen can be better kept in South-East Direction.
  • Master Bedroom should be located in the South-West Direction as that is the corner of Love and Relationships. Children Bedroon should never be located there. Instead, Children bedroom Should be located in North-west or West of the House. It results in good creativity and ther growth.
  • According to Basic fengshui, toilet can be kept on any path from SouthEast-South-SouthWest-West-NorthWest. But, it also affects the positive energy of that direction. But, According to the Advance Fengshui, from your kua number your lucky directions are calculated. After studying them , decisions are taken about the position of your House Structure and its rooms. Alone Basic in not much effective, But this whole concept id dynamic. Hence, the stars of the persons living in the house should also be considered.

This are the basic principles that should be taken care of in our house. Also we can maintain good plants, sceneries, Waterfalls, Aquariums for good and positive energies. Mainly, this was the basic idea of using Fengshui in our home. But, for better results, it is advisable to consult the Master before doing any changes. Because, elemental disorders or imbalance can get you in many kind of troubles. While the Same elements, when in Balanced State, can make your life, career and soothen your relations. Use knowledge effectively.